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Shree Kamakhaya RoadLines Pvt. Ltd

To provide superior quality service continuously upgrade through value addition, efficient planning and training. To prove to our clients our ability to walk in step with their requirement and to demonstrate measurable improvements brought in by us enabling them to concentrate on their goals and be a partner in mutual growth. All of our employees are experienced in all aspects of the freight forwarding process including import and export documentation requirements for all types of cargo. We deliver highly flexible services through our partnerships with leading shipping lines. Cultivation of long-term, secure partnerships with major shipping lines brings tangible benefits to our customers. We believe that we have a leadership position in delivering infrastructure due to our superior appreciation and understanding of the Indian marketplace and our singular focus on the infrastructure sector which is complemented by our experience, expertise and global perspective.

Awards & Felicitation


Service Levels




We have the All India contract for Bharti Airtel for which we provide all modes (surface, train, air).

Bharti has issued appreciation letters & given awards in the form of cash & certifications for meeting the excellent service level commitments.